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The orange band bends our flight
Quickly, and the day will be bright.

Racing down the runway,
Leaving the headquarters,
In an airplane in the dawn…
Lifting off, we have had our fun;
I am still looking
At the lights of last night.

The orange band bends our flight
To its unearthly, early stripe.

Down there are the grid of residence,
Loops of commercial business,
Our private sins,
And banned, back-alley smoke dens.
We are addicts and denizens
Ending the celebrations.

The orange band bends our flight.
We buckle our belts; we hold tight.

Beyond buildings and high-rises,
Dawn forms her own skylines.
The sun does not give up,
And shines on shifting horizons;
And, I can still see
The small lights of last night.

The orange band bends our flight;
Day after day, it battles night.


The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the navy sea
A pregnant, fluid, shifting mass,
Amniotic and salty--
Even the shorelines pass.

The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the underworld
Compact under greenhouse gas
Strumming an oxygen chord
Holding back a hot-flash

The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the shallow waves
White waters stretch from the crash
Over and over--nights, days.
The sun smiles its silence.

The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the blue contour
The little boat floats its path
Nothing beneath the lunar--
Nothing beneath the moon.

The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the woman’s eyes
Painting her attention span
Orange as it marks the skies
Mourning ancestral ties.

The moon hangs half-mast
Lighting the blue waters
From black and blue and back
All fires must burn themselves out
And change in the balance.


The sun’s light is nothing
To the eyes of my love

The sunlight above me
Comes to nothing
But for the light in the eyes
In the eyes of my love

The sun’s light is nothing
But to sustain my love

The sunlight is coming;
Suns are nothing
But for light in the eyes
In the eyes of my love.

The sun’s light is nothing
But to allow my love

The sunlight is coming
From its center
All for light in the eyes
In the eyes of my love.

The sun’s light is nothing
In the eyes of my love.

The sun’s light can’t love me
Deep in the night
But the light in the eyes
In the eyes of my love…

The sun’s light is nothing
To the blind eyes of my love.


The condo sets upshore
Meeting the ocean head-on
With its red-light height
But not its depth

The moon hides in the sky
Behind the white clouds
Drifting in formless flight
Regardless of day or night

Some sneaks through the cover
To sparkle on the water
Like a spot-light plays
For parts on stage

Cicadas chirp shadows
Where the mountain would be quiet
Porch-lights dot the road
To the coastline

The sky is blue and black
And no one sees the starlight
Just an empty lack--
The giant night.

But, sleep until morning
When the sun will bring its sounds
And unveil its sights
To startle dreams.


The dark road leads ahead
The leaves have blown in rows
Crowding the shoulder of the black-top
And grass shoots up from them

Though men cut the brush
Their machetes dull
In the rain and in the rust
And the forest fights back.

In the dusk, all I can see
Are the silhouettes of young trees
Though I know they are there
Silhouettes are all I need to see.

Across the flowing stream
And from the bridge,
I hear the waters run
Murmuring a song beneath me

Safe from stagnation and malarial bugs
That would carry our poison,
Would we drop like flies,
Doomed for lack of foresight?

Along the fence, the absent dog…
From dark silence sounds his feet,
Works the earth behind me,
And races to confront me--


Although there is no autumn here
Leaves still fall from the trees
Sometimes, coming out of nowhere,
They spiral slowly through the air
And make their way to the ground
Are they to be forgotten?

In front of the red-sun house
Runs a dirt mountain road
Young lovers walk down
With whispers, delicate hope,
Carefully, with consideration,
Through trees that explode.

When I used to see them
I felt a pang of envy
But now, all of a sudden,
I smile a smile within me
And smile in recognition
As if with some long-lost kin.


By the highway,
Snaking through the mountains
With rainforest cliffs,
Coastal ramps slant to the sea.
An iguana scrambled from the roadside ditch
And ran to cross it:

The first car swerved
To miss it
But the second one hit
And the third finished it.

Annihilated by the speed,
Weight, and momentum of traffic,
I saw its body jolt upon impact,
And stagger on its short legs,
While straining its claws,
The moment it was torn apart.

Over the next few days
Walking along the shoulder
I saw it lying in the sun,
Old, fat, mature, and motionless.

Its archaic, legend-ed tail
Curled into a dead position
And stiffly in the hot noon.
Its head was severed
And nowhere to be found
Though I would not look for long.

Skin of black and golden green
Artfully designed its coat
Like a mosaic of early civilization,
And ridges acquired through the ages
Spiked along its back
And still pointed to the sun.

It was an ancient creature
Rotting by the side of the road
Until the third day
When the carrion was gone
And only the smell remained.
It too would soon...


I’ve been building a bank
So the rain
Won’t just wash away
The road

I’ve amended the drain
The loose earth around
Its mouth

And to re-route the rain
In its path
Down the lush mountain’s
Dark hands

I’ll keep working with it
‘Til the rain
Moves consistently
In grooves

It will preserve the road
For a while,
But, prolonged landslides


They are not without number.

The sands of the shore
Are brown and worn down.

The waters are beyond description
In their colorful depths,
But the shallow water is clear.

I am content to float
Amid the motion of waves
That seem to pass more quickly
Than they have been raised.

In the ocean,
The sun reflects the surface
Lighting a trail into nowhere
Or to another world--
When just the moon is there.

Dwelling under water
Move maritime species
As we move through the air
On this earth of mysteries
They are not invisible
But creatures rarely seen.

It could be quite effortless
To get lost in the beauty
Upon this water-board.
I tend the motion near me
Stingrays splash the anxiety,
And flip over near the entry.
We are not alone in the sea.

Upon the glass-scrap
I look at the sky so blue
And the mountain so green.
Tints of red shimmer through
And from the stalks of limbs,
Yellow tinges the trees,
As clouds pass formlessly
Like some vapor of antiquity.


I count down to remind myself
It’s just a number
Not the end of the world
Or the day we’re rent asunder

It’s good to know I’m there
But I can do without
The squeaking metal chair
The creaking of the chair

It’s one technique to persevere
When I could just quit
And quitting’s easier
Although one more misplaced tactic.

I count down to remind myself
We also count up
And there’s no ceiling there
There is no number to our love.

It’s good to know I’m there
But I can do without
The squeaking metal chair
The creaking of the chair.


The moon looks strange tonight
Moving to the horizon
Trading orange for height
Borrowed from the light of dawn
Changing colors, all is quiet--

The moon looks strange tonight
Maybe it is the whiskey
Maybe it was the bone
Pulling the chains within me
And things I can’t postpone--

The moon looks strange tonight
But I don’t feel so alone
Maybe it’s full and bright
Maybe it’s a big gray stone
For fertility rites--

The moon looks strange tonight
It seems renewed and reborn
But it will be all right
Though alien and forlorn,
It looks foreign and dignified--

The moon looks strange tonight
In spite of the passing clouds
It will not be denied
As it keeps on shining out
Luminous and alight--


It was in your old house
Where we were held
It turned into a mess
And belonged to someone else.

I don’t know about you…
There’s one good thing about dreams:
The dead come walking through,
And the dead come talking too.

I was surprised to see you this morning
You looked so very young
Talking about public health and death
And life-expectancy.

Why didn’t you look at me?
Why wouldn’t you look?
I could tell you were busy
But I could see you.

Was I a child,
Or was I myself?
As I was then,
Or as I am now?

I don’t know about you…
There’s one good thing about dreams:
The dead come walking through,
And the dead come talking too.


Thank you for running
Thank you for planning
Thank you for becoming
A family man.

Thank you for writing
Thank you for learning
Thanks for organizing
Thanks for discerning.

Thank you for speaking
Thank you for searching
Thank you for seeking
While you were hurting.

Thank you for smiling
Thank you for leading
Thanks for clarifying
Why we’re all bleeding.

Thank you for trying
Thanks for believing
Thank you for not lying--
Thank you for seeing.


When she talks about the stars
I know what she means
But from the moment she starts
I think of the other things…

She’s wrapped up by impressions
She sees on TV
And reads about in magazines
Like there is any such thing

I will get to the bottom
Of misperception
The nature of celebrity--
Vicarious projection

The imaginative drive
Helps her follow them
Yes, she loves them dead or alive
It’s as if she knows them

She watches them sing and dance
Play with dramatics
And talk about taking a chance
From staged, industry events.

They’re like a different breed
They’re like the gentry
Some bloody aristocracy--
For her there is no entry.

When she talks about the stars
I know what she means
And she thinks she knows who they are--
I think of the other things.

This is a phenomenon--
Mass media
Has fertilized and pounced upon
Since all of us were little.

She thinks she knows who they are--
She knows about them
But none of them know about her
She will not live without them.

She looks across the chasm
Through some endless tube
Though she’s just as real as them
In the end we can’t elude.

And, she can sing like a bird
And she acts all day
And talks with wealth of fertile words
When there is no better way.

When she talks about the stars
I know what she means
But from the bottom of my heart,
I think of the other things…


I wake to the crash of laughter
From the cues of sitcoms
The crowd is exhausted after…
And on to the next one.

I can see the flash of applause
I hear the bells of sets
With the bleachers full of tourists
And bored adolescents

It’s less of a commercial break
And more of an ambush
Take me out to the streetcars, Kay.
You jump on and I’ll push.

Get me out of this Studio,
Get me out in the air
So, I’m not an industry boy
I don’t blow dry my hair.

They put him in the make-up room
Before he went on-air
His rosy cheeks are in full-bloom
Reading the lines that are there.

It’s less of a commercial break
And more of an air-brush
Take me out to the streetcars, Kay.
You jump on and I’ll push.


She said I was a handsome man,
But that didn’t get me anywhere
But talking to her hand
And now she’s never there.
Now, she’s never there.

She liked my sensitivity,
But that didn’t get me anywhere
Alone in her city,
She had no time to spare.
Now, she’s never there.

She said I was a caring man,
But that didn’t get me anywhere
But back where I began
Before the brief affair
Now, she’s never there.

She liked her material things,
So, that didn’t get me anywhere
When I had no penny
Although I would have shared…
Now, she’s never there.

She said I was a real good man,
But that didn’t get me anywhere
But talking to her hand,
And now she’s never there.
Now, she’s never there.


I’ve awoken with some happiness,
Excitement in the moment,
And enthusiasm to excess.
I have spoken with the dead
Whose time has met migrations
And who have passed over in this
Despite their welcome recurrence.

I’ve rekindled unrequited loves
And done things on the carpet
When nowhere else was available
From the real-time bathroom rugs
To lawn chairs out in the yard
And hot-rod cars, backseat I was…
There's only one still in my heart.

I’ve held counsel with distant forebears
And guarded ancestral posts
Who finally chose to say something
After rolling tobacco,
Bringing in revolutions,
And parting with the essentials
When the Shah was out of pocket.

I’ve wondered long over the nonsense
Through scenes free of logic
Peering in through the distorted lens
With all my love would allow
And I have no idea
What good those dreams will do me now.
Electric minds: enjoy the blackout.


The forest covers
Such an incline
Over the mountainside.

To the average eye
It looks just like
Leaves fall from the sky.

And beyond,
Eagles look lost
They’re flying so high.


I’ve lost all my muscles
And I never was that tall
Maybe it’s just the streets and all
There are times I feel…

Like the dying Gaul
Down on the sidewalk
Where people amble
And there’s no need to talk.

With my back against the wall,
I shut my eyes to people
And lower the unseen shawl
No one ever saw…

Woman—so moved by drink
She falls and can’t even crawl.
So broken in her sling,
I can’t even be helpful.

Like the dying Gaul
Down on the sidewalk
Where people amble
And there’s no need to talk.


It was just an apple
Growing on a tree
How did it happen
To be forbidden me?

The peelings lay aground
Drying in the sun
Quickly, they turned brown,
And creatures set upon--

The core was discarded
The seeds bore no root.
With rot unguarded,
The scraps would bear no fruit.

But, I wouldn’t blame you.
I will not blame you
Or seek to shame you
For what I came to do…

For what I chose to do,
I made the choice too.


In a land where people
And the earth
Were as red as the dawn
There once preyed a panther
As black as the night.

With the culture of them,
With the civilization
And dawn above them
The black panther is gone
The black panther is gone.

In a land of ghosts, feathers,
Stories, laughter, mother…
There once preyed a panther
As black as the night.

They caught them in the act,
Rolling the tail, roaring cries...
In the nights of black,
You see them by their eyes,
Like beaded jewels of light.

In a land where my people
Rolled over
The ones already there,
There once preyed a panther,
Fierce and disappeared.

They’ve reintroduced them
Into altered conditions;
Wardens guard the pens.
The black panther is gone
The black panther is gone.


When I sleep
I go deep like a dead man,
And I never wake
Until the cycles are done.

But in the middle
Of the night
Before the morning-time
I woke to a sight--

The moon was full,
And it was bright,
High and wonderful
In a luminous white.

The waters reflected
The glowing satellite
Cool, collected,
And giant at its height.

Sturdy over the sea,
Ghostly in its might:
Strong enough to wake me
In a dream of light.


Hey, little butterfly
You are blue and black.
You have the Beauty
Painted on your back.

It’s been many moons
Since you were a cocoon.
Just look what you
Have turned into--

Hey, little butterfly
You have spots and things.
You have the Beauty
Painted on your wings.

You’ve been fluttering
Not so many moons.
What worlds have you seen
And points of view:



Yo lo veo en su cara--
Tu estas muy bella,
Pero no estas sympatica.
Yo entiendo ya.

Voy a vivir.
Tu estas muy fuerte.
Tiene una vida buena
Y adios siempre.


How will the people wonder
When all of this is over
And we have gone under?

How could she have missed it
When you know now I told her?
What was I really doing?
Did I really know her?

It’s not Romantic,
And it’s not hypnotic…
It’s not other-wordly
To come out of your body.

How will the people wonder
When all of this is over
And we have gone under?

Can’t help getting older
While the sun goes over…
Like a golden boulder.

Sep. 2nd, 2008


They would have you believe
The two are irreconcilable
And obvious, sworn enemies
That they are infallible

They would have you believe
The two are contradictory
Without common destinies,
Beginnings, or the end-story

They would have you believe
The two are opposites
When they form the same tree
And from the very same roots

They would have you believe
The two must war inevitably
But is it God or country?
Is it big business or bounty?

They would have you believe
The two must go their ways
Without collaborating
Until the last day.

They would have you believe
All manner of misconceptions
By which you are deceived
So seek the high corrections.

They would have you believe
You must fight in their ranks
When the little world heaves
On propaganda and think-tanks.

They would have you believe
They are on God's side
When they are long-straying,
Desperate, and full of lies.

They would have you believe
You can't live without them
You must fear, you must grieve,
Without their assistance.

They would have you believe
Only they are right in these fights
And only they deserve reprieve
With all the earth provides

They would have you believe
All manner of mis-guided thought
All manner of the un-perceived
About which they have no insight

They would have you believe
Their interpretations of creed
Though they think un-clearly
Muddied by lust and greed.

They would have you believe
They recite the word for you
While hidden up their sleeves
Lie substitutes far from true

They would have you believe
There is no difference
Between prophetic victory
And their worldly influence

They would have you believe
You must follow their leaders,
Their laws, the lies preconceived,
A renegade band of cheaters.

They would have you believe
They are on God's side,
When discord is their specialty
And they don't care if you die.


There are signs
In the simplest wonders,
From the sunshine
To the heat pent under.

There are signs
In the whole world itself,
From its oceans
To proof of living hell.

There are signs
In the clouds floating by
And the end-times
We would rather deny.

There are signs
In the whole creation,
Throughout its skies,
Even earth's rotation.

There are signs
Every day and night,
All of the time,
Faint and distant star-light.

There are signs
Everywhere you look,
If you are not blind,
Dear People of the Book.



There's another missing child on the news
Almost every other waking day
The children are being lost to abuse,
Tortured by abduction, murder, and rape.
They can barely put one story to rest
Before another fugitive's wanted,
And perverts of interest flee arrest.
By the ghosts of children, homes are haunted.
Callous offenders by their deeds are damned
And the cold invasions of youth's foregrounds,
Plotting in twisted pre-meditations
As probation officers make their rounds.
It's not their faults these people are released
It's the laws, the terms, the judicial seats.

How long will we remain one step behind
As thieves of youth discard our most precious,
Destroying boundaries, stealing their time,
Ruining their lives through mal-adaptations?
How long will we allow them to offend
Before we reconsider castration,
And denial's patience are at an end?
When death seems but a kind demonstration?
How long will we react to their treasons
Without undermining the root causes:
Abuse is a cycle without reason,
Substance--and irreplaceable losses.
How long will we be slaves to the past
As control-freaks aggress under crosses?

Abuse is not a new phenomenon;
It goes back as far as moral virtue.
A night of terror needs to die 'fore dawn
To protect you from those who would hurt you.
They're ignorant and given to conceits,
Selfishly, they lie to manipulate,
And can only feign sensitivity
If they find pleasure in the force of rape.
What they cannot restrain, let us help them.
What they are not able to regulate,
We have seen in the cards nature dealt them,
And if it is a choice, then f*ck their fate.
It is better for them that they were hung,
Burned, or drowned, than that they prey on the young.


In the Valley of the Snakes
They're sunning on the rocks
I looked into a lagoon
And saw the fall of raindrops
Like a hail of tiny diamonds

What's wrong with these people
What's wrong with these people
No one has to tell them
Not to kill their wives
Not to kill their children

They didn't do anything at all--
You're threatened internally
And rage is your problem
It is not their fault;
You don't have to involve them

What's wrong with these people
What's wrong with these people
No one has to tell them
Not to take their lives
Not to inject their venom.


Be careful, young lady,
Don't get your heart broken
In this business
Put some money back
And save for your getaway.

Don't burn your bridges
In this transition
Between youth and adulthood
Trust in your vision
Be careful if you can't be good.

Stay in your clothes
And stay out of the spot-light
Stay off the blow
And depend on what is right
For you never know

Singers are like
Interior decorators
Or people who live in the house
Musicians are like architects
No one thinks about.


Was it the moonlight
Or was it you?
The moon was so bright
It left the midnight blue.

I could barely tell the difference
Between the day and night
It left a settlement for us
Somewhere out of sight

I could not see the truth
For a forest of lies
Where volcanoes brood
In the mountain-sides.

Was it the moonlight
Or was it you?
The moon was so bright
It left the midnight blue.


I know it's been a while
Since you've heard from me
I'm sorry that I bailed
Don't hold it against me.

You know, if I knew
What was going to happen
I wouldn't have gone through...
If I could have imagined

If I could have known
But we can't, you know,
Life wouldn't be live, oh...
Dying isn't so.

And I still feel the same
About all those things
The world finally came around
And caught up with me.

People are learning
And I can see it all now
People figure it out
And we don't really know how.

I've been watching you
From all you look through
Life is always live, oh...
Dying isn't so--

It's real.

Be strong, and keep going.
It's not all-knowing.
It's like water flowing,
Or like the wind blowing.


I hate country music
Because it isn't country anymore
Maybe it's an evolving industry
But it isn't like it was before.

It's not unique
In that it's been perverted,
Or that it's grown weak
Two-stepping and short-skirted.

Silver-dollar bottle-tops,
Doo-wop pop, a strat's feedback...
Farmland shots of commercial crops
Trading dead maize for lolly pops.

I hate country music
Because it isn't country anymore.
The industry blew it
Pushing show-tunes on the floor.

It's all fun and games;
There's no soul or pain.
It's like some melodrama
Or a soap-opera (sorry Mama).

He's just holding a guitar
He doesn't bother to play
Backing into shadows
With a hat down on his face.

I listened to the show
But couldn't stand to watch it all
Hank Williams, please don't go...
Take it easy, y'all.


Terror is an armed robbery
Terror--the bleakness of poverty
Terror is the need of neglect
And the stripping of respect.

Terror is the rape of a lady
Terror--the dead, shaken baby
Terror is any child abuse
And the human rights we lose.

Terror is a sudden murder
Terror--the negligent driver.
Terror is to hurt her
And to cause pain inside her.

Terror is an unexpected attack
Terror--the hate crime, the ignorance.
Terror covets what it lacks
And builds resentment for us.

Terror is a rigid fixation
Terror--the nails of coercion.
Terror stumps persuasion
And stalks in perversion.

Terror is a toxic chemical
Terror--the silent pollution.
Terror is negative and cynical
And feeds on panic and confusion.

Terror is the devil of addictive passions
Terror--many more years of probation.
Terror is the dread of revocation
And the third-strike of incarceration.

Terror is the hard times of depression
Terror--the drain on relationships
Terror is paranoia and obsession,
Hallucinations, an aneurysm.

Terror is the realm of hungry ghosts
Terror--the fraudulent process.
Terror is a kingdom of animals
Preying on the weaker and the weakest.

Terror is the inexplicable violence.
Terror--the wrath of chronic disease
Terror is a war of the titans
And the jealous conjecture of insecurities.

Terror is the trap-door of doubt
Terror--the pride-and-shame complex.
Terror means there is no way out
And only deluded consciousness.

Terror is the hatred of extremism
Terror--both over there and right here.
Terror is the fear of women and feminism,
Losing power, and feeling inferior.

Terror is an inner state.
Terror--a reaction to the environment.
Terror depends on conditions to violate
The boundaries of what is sovereign.



There is no Madonna
And there is no whore
Walking at lengths
On the earth anymore
They've all been transformed
From who they were before

And repopulating the world
No one grieves
For dead sons
In the arms of limbo dreams.
It will add nothing to the score
To grasp at what it seemed before.

There is no Madonna
And there is no whore
Working their shifts
Until dawn anymore
There's always a black-out,
It's all been transformed.

Now, don't cling
To bed scenes anymore
And close with offerings
It will come to nothing.
It will come to nothing.


It's a mark of the beast
It's the mark of sin
Would you repent at least
For murder in a famine?

It's a stain, it's a sign
It's temptation
You shall not live to see
The end of this happening
It is only for the survivors
And only for the time being.

Well, you know better
Than to accept the whole kingdom
On a silver platter
A city from the hill-top
Well, I beg to differ
Now, you know it doesn't matter.

It's a mark of the beast
It's a mark of sin
Praying, cannibal priests
Pederasts of a kingpin
Preying on this generation
It's a vain, vain thing, man.

Prison is where people congregate
Slave-labor, U.S.A., Incorporate
Funding war with the young generate
What do you show for free trade?

Who are the strange private figures
Poised as agents in their roles
In a play of happy triggers
Long-range courage, bullet-holes

People are so full of shit
It's unbelievable, it's...
Elaborate notions they propagate
And misnomers by no mistake.


It's hard to be tolerant
With inattentive miscreants,
Inconsiderate and ignorant,
Dangerously inexperienced.

They come from behind,
All of their eyes are dead:
A board larger than life
Like a speeding arrowhead.

But they don't think at all.
They don't move to the side
Though I'll bail, or I'll stall.
I don't really mind.


I knew when I got into this
There was an element of distance
A good drive over the mountains
Turning about resistance
Looking from heights of some insistence
Love, you're losing all your power
Because you're taking too long
Withering is your wonderful flower
But disintegration comes to all
Your time here is not to be troubled.

I knew it would come to this
I thought it would be difficult
When I fell in love with you
And there would be some significance
In the things behind we can't undo
Love, keep dreaming in our slumbers
And keep waking us up
To wonders beyond number
And to grief when decay won't stop

There is no order to our world
It has been beset by disorder
Disturbed in the heart of earth
Anarchy bled for borders
That move from where they were
And refuse to give accord
To the people who defend them
And the endangered species
Moving about the natural preserve
As the first world falls to pieces.


I shall not invoke you
Or else I shall not have
What I hope to--

May you forge credibility
And incur no offense
May you look on loyalty
In my passing absence

I shall not worship you
Or else I shall not have
What I hope to--

May you force no repercussions
To fall upon your head
May you hold some discussion
In my passing absence

I shall not betray you
Or else I shall not have
All I hope to--

May your course drive straight to the heart
When you've lost direction
May you be safe where you are
In my passing absence


I don't just want to get you
Down in your own bed
To love you, then forget you
What's the sense in that?

I don't want to upset you
When I leave your place
I would rather stay with you
And look upon your face

I don't just want to get you
Down in your own bed
I want to be there with you
But I'm here instead


When God seizes the day
Can you really say
You can show them the way?

Dividing communities,
Can you really say
Any one of them can be saved?

If God lets them betray,
Can you really say
You can show them the way?

If they scheme treacherously,
Then can you really say
Any one of them can be saved?

If God leaves them to stray
Then can you really say
You can show them the way?


A bunch of g*d-damn junk
Unread books, boxes and bags,
Wires, what-nots and shit
Candles and stray shoes
Random items
Dull, disorganized drill-bits
Lord, don't ever let me live like this.

Lookers, liars, and gawkers
A bunch of fake,
Speculating motherf*ckers
Claiming that they're hungry
Then smoking little rocks
With your little money
Lord, don't ever let me live like this.

Chocolate wrappers in the seat
Melting in the early sun
Like some disgusting, plastic frenzy
Stray dogs scavenge in the streets
Hurried drivers pass in a 30
Resentful faces, their looks are dirty
Lord, don't ever let me live like this.

Man, you got me all wrong
If you think I own this, please
I don't have a car or anything
I'm just working here
Thanks to someone else's good graces
Get out of my face, please--
Lord, don't ever let me live like this.

I can't love you for the both of us
You have to be right with yourself
Before it'll ever work out between us
I'm telling you now
Because I've already been through this

I love you like a lover should
And I know we live some space apart
But I need a friend no matter what
I need you to answer when I call
At least every once in a while

I need to know you better
You can pick up the phone, call me
You can write to me a letter
Because the rain here is falling
Not that it really matters


I feel the olive pits
Crack between my teeth
It's hard to wait and sit
Beneath the olive tree

And it's hard to believe
We get toothpicks from trees
They must have splintered perfectly
For there to be so many

All you cut away
The forest in your face
You can replant them in a day
But you have to wait and wait

None of the forests are untouched
Though they may be pristine
They were cultivated before us;
They've gone wild in the rain.

All the papers say
How people write that way,
To whom is less known in a name...
A rib and a little clay.


I enjoy my little air-conditioned room
It lets me rest quite well
I don't worry about the bats
Flying through the gates of hell

Biting at my neck
And trying to suck my blood
Filtering sonar specks
The accompaniments of love

I can fly above the waters too...
I can come in on the winds...
My vision is uncolored by hues
There's no need to take offense


This is an explanation
For my ignorance (and lack of interest):

I don't know the songs you know
And I don't know the movies
I don't know the celebrities anymore,
But they seem like doosies

This is an explanation
For my ignorance (over the last decade):

I took a hiatus from the media
Because most of it was garbage
I got lost in an encyclopedia
And foresaw all the carnage


I forget how it goes
I can't remember the words
I can't remember how it goes
I can't remember the verse

Is that just how it goes?
When the garden arose,
Did it know all it composed
And how a miracle grows
Through the rise and fall of souls?

I fell off the face of the earth
I can't remember the first
I can't remember how you were
I can't remember the hurt--

Is that just how it goes?
When the hard-hearted plunder
And wrap your heart in throes?
Do you sleeplessly wonder?
Do you wake up from your dreams?

I fell off the face of the earth
I can't remember the thirst
I can't remember the hunger
I can't remember the worst.

I don't want to play these games

I'd rather redefine them
In terms of mutual gains

If I can't earn anything--


I miss your body
Lying next to mine
I miss your arms in holding
The turn-away of time

I want to be in your bed
Or for you to be in mine.
It doesn't matter where
Anywhere will be fine.

We can park in your car
Overlooking the sea.
My love is where you are
And love you are with me.

I miss you badly
Lying next to me.
I miss your eyes in closing
Strange dreams in the morning.

I want to be in your arms
I want to hold you too.
I don't want to let go;
I won't let go of you.

I miss your beauty sleep
Covered under pillows,
Curtains closed, under sheets,
Water at an arm's reach--


Banish the one to blame for everything--
It's the same as before,
We just turned it around.
Whatever goes up must come down.

I can't just love somebody else
Because you don't want to be with me
I love you, and I love you to death
(Please don't misunderstand that)

If there's anything out there
I believe you should have it
If anything is really worth it
I believe you deserve it

Banish the one to blame for everything--
It's the same as before,
We just turned it around.
Whatever goes up must come down.

I can't just love somebody else
Because you want to walk out on me
I love you, and I love you to death
(Please don't misunderstand that)


You're the best I've ever had
And you can believe that
I've been trying not to make you mad
Ever since the day we met
I've been trying not to mess it up

You're the best I've ever had
And you can believe that
I've been trying not to make you mad
Ever since the day we met
I don't want to leave your bed

You're the best I've ever had
And you can believe that
I've been trying not to make you mad
I'm trying to be patient
And trying not to feel too sad


When I see good-looking women
Down in the street
It makes me think about you
And the next time we'll meet

When I see partners hand in hand
I don't envy their love
I have mine, you're more than enough,
And life is looking up--

When I see couples going out
For a bite to eat
I am still hungry for you
And I will wait and wait.


I think of you when--
The sun is coming up,
And the sun is going down.
The sun is covered up,
And the sun is shining out.

I think of you when--
The clouds are moving in,
And the clouds are blowing out.
The rain is falling down,
And the rain is slowing down.

I think of you when--
The bus is rolling in,
And the bus is leaving town
The bikes are going fast,
And the wheels go round and round.


Nothing measures up
To what we could have seen
Growing from our love
Since you were introduced to me

Now that it's all over,
I just have to get back
To whatever it was I was going through
Before I met you.

Thank you for your honesty:
You say you have problems.
I don't know who I'd be
To think I could solve them.

You just don't want
To bother with me
With so many other things
On your mind.

You don't have time
To talk to me
Because then you have
More things to do--

I'll just let you be.
It's too late to stop me.
It's too late to stop me.


I can taste the sweetness
From the infection
And feel the moisture
Shifting behind my nose.

I can feel the pressure
Behind my eyes
Like it is going to explode

My lungs feel like they've been
Popped by the tip of a pin.

To be well again--


He has a place there
With no one to share it
Dreams and promises
Gone up in smoke
Gone up in the air
Gone up his nose

He blames everyone else
For all of his problems
He's lived everywhere
Moving around a lot
From all that isn't fair

He has a nice place there
And no one with whom to share
Dreams and promises
Gone up in smoke
Gone up in the air
Gone up his nose

He blames everyone else
For the way he feels
He believes every word he says
Feeding himself full of his own shit
He believes it anyway...

He loves his dogs
More than anyone in this world
He can order them around
And they never talk back
He's all bark and no bite
And they never talk back.


He's so laid back
On the surface of things
But inside he's a mess
There's no order to his emotions
Like his operations...

He can tell you facts
Arcane and extraordinary
He can recite dynamics
From the workings of engines
And digital motherboards

But ask him how he feels
And listen to what he tells you
While you wait and wait
For an answer
For any response.

It's not that he doesn't feel
It's that he doesn't show it
In the way you do
He doesn't really know how
To do what he never learned to--

He was raised to be a man
Collected, cool, and calm
Nerves of steel, unbreakable...
But the feeling of failure
Seemed unshakeable

By the time he was waking up
To ask the hard questions
He could not tell
People could see him in a way
He could not see himself.


He was still a young man
By a time in the fall
He had his first psychotic break
But it wasn't his fault--

Vietnam was hard on him
And it was hard enough
Whatever it was like
While he was growing up

But he became a man
When he was very young
He saw unspeakable scenes
Half-way around the world

Far from family and home
The little comfort zone
All of his friends were gone
And he was alone

In his new platoon
With a rifle (in the gloom)
Fighting in a rainy jungle
Fighting the rainy jungle

He seemed to hold it together
But couldn't hold forever
By thirty five he was hiding
Under a desk at work

And jumping out of his bed
In the night at home
Blankets covered his walls
An arsenal at his side--

The 24-hour news channel
He watched in fascination:
War in the Persian Gulf--
There was no other station.


You have no idea
How many people
Walk the mountain
Every morning

They come from town
Women walk in pairs
It's free right now
You don't need any money

Then they walk down
The world is out there
Toucans cry foul
You might see some monkeys

A man pushes a baby stroller
Four wheelers pollute the air
I sit and watch the rollers
Pushing the cove down there

Surfers sit like ducks
Perched on their boards
They're not catching anything
The waves just break over.


Max--he's the king of the mountain
He barks at the horses
And doesn't let anyone in
He doesn't let anyone in

Maximilian--he knows when you're sick
And he knows when you're well
He knows how you're feeling
When there ain't no telling

Maxwell--he'll be your friend for life
For a little food in his bowl
He may try but he will fail
To pacify himself

Mad Max--he goes off at 6 o'clock
He can't stand horses on the trot
Or the people on top
All of the people on top

Re-max--he will do his part,
He'd give his last paw
Just to sell your sorry lot
He'll be your mascot

I-Max--he'll sit back and relax
When the theater is shaking
He'll be cool in a museum of wax
When the rest are just faking.


There are some good surfers
But they are few and far between.
Most of them are lazy-boarders
Who paddle out just to sit there.

I don't know what they're waiting on.
They could ride most of the waves,
And the more one rides
The more they'll get a good one.

Most of them are bad actors:
I've seen them walk up and down the street
Without ever going near the water
Without ever really leaving the street.

Carrying their boards around
Carrying them back and forth.
I don't understand that;
You can't surf in traffic.

They walk to the beach alone
Like mystical Joes in wet-suits,
Though the water is very warm.
All eyes on them, on them...

Fixated on the proper form,
But a loss for spontaneity
When it's one wave at a time,
Just one wave at a time.

I don't have an angry temperament,
But it gets on my nerves
To see them miss their chances
And waste their opportunities.

On second thought,
Maybe they will get a photo-op
Like the president doing a dance--
How is that for a cheap shot?


He drifts like a mist
Then drops his legs
In weightless descent
To drill for his rig

He lands upon the skin
Without my feeling
To draw a drop of blood
As he waits kneeling

He's courted by the water
But hovers in the air
In the night near the mud
And spread of malaria

If I fail to notice
Then he gets away
With a sudden lift-off
And blood for a day

But if I catch him at play
Then I slap him down
Into the end he's slain
Upon his feeding-ground.


Nothing is inspiring me
After I've grown accustomed
And used to the sea
Stretching out from the mountain

You can say it's sad
You can say it's a shame
But that doesn't change
Anything, anything--

Nothing is uplifting me
From the days I'm counting
All I cannot see
Stretching out on the mountain

You can say it's sad
You can say it's a shame
But that doesn't change
Anything, anything--

Nothing is comforting me
From the dullness of it
Miracles passing
Stretching out on the mountain.


If you are bent
To employ her services
You have to admit
Why she is out working
Twenty four hours a day
In the Red Light district

In whatever city she is
In whatever country
There will never be peace
Until all the world's bounty
Spreads to meet necessity
And pulls the nail of exploitation.

Why else would she be
Doing what she's doing?
But for lack of opportunity
And the need for money?
She has to feed her children
And sends it to her family.

Enjoy your reasonings,
She would not let you have it.
You only thought you were
Stuck in traffic--
But ask where she comes from
And what she's after.


I see you in abandoned apartments
And we drive around in old vehicles
You're company in secret compartments
Classrooms return as welcome visuals
You're always there, we have our heart to heart.
You come in dreams as the person you were
Although I wake to the person you are
Knowing you are someone's wife and mother.
I believe that in some night's moving dream
I will resolve what I need to resolve.
Peace will be achieved as I am waking
Whatever the means, whatever the cause.
If I were true, I would take myself out--

Am I marked to dream of you all my life
To wonder when I wake why you visit
Though you became a mother and a wife
Love is not a forgetful state, is it?
It's no accident I did not have you
We were growing up at century's end
And I knew no option but to love you
I could only forge what was unspoken
In the woods away from our little town
In a cabin by the lake of Redman
You read to yourself, and smiled, and looked down
I made myself a marble in your hand
To be honest to all that moved my heart
And I think you know, wherever you are--


How many broken bottles
And burned out light-bulbs?
How many dead batteries
And dirty needles?
How much plastic packaging?

How many tampons can you use?
How many plastic spoons
And plastic tubes?
How many broken brooms?
How much refuse?

I feel sorry for the worms
In this habitation.
Who are the animals
In such a lack of sanitation.
I smell death, and I only pray it isn't human.

How many baby clothes
And rolled-up dirty diapers?
How many broken windshield wipers?
How many plastic wrappers
And pieces of rope?

How many rusted cans
And six-pack rings?
How many cigarette packs?
How much styrofoam and cellophane?
How many plastic sacks?

I feel sorry for the worms.
In this habitation.
You can't just hide the trash
Under broken concrete
In some hole or in a ditch...

I'm sick and tired
Of you spinning your agenda

You're not fair or balanced
I'd rather sit around
And listen to the silence.

You're everything you say
You're not
And nothing you say
You are.

How are you gonna go to war
Over what you support
In your own back yard
In your own back yard

Ain't it a bitch
And a double standard?
Aren't the hypocrites
Some of the worst offenders?

You can't control the whole wide world
You can't keep them poor
And deprived of resource
They know who you are.

They know what you're in it for
They've seen it all before
And they're tired of tours
Taking more and more.


Look, man, I already have a Dad
And I don't need another one
Running up and telling me what to do
I'm so glad he wasn't ever
An old jackass like you

My father schooled me for years
Some would say he was over-bearing
But it's because he was fierce
That I'm not afraid of guys like you
Or submissive when you run your head.

I try to treat everyone with respect
But when you come barking like a dog
Then I will treat you like one
And I could care less
What you say to do or not.

You'd better just keep on driving
And save your orders
For the kids you haul around
They're the only ones who really listen
When you run off at the mouth.

At least I hope that's the reason
You keep such young company.
They don't ever tell you "no"
When you're posing as authority
But you and I both know.


The forest is alive and electric
With the blinking lights of insects
It's a miraculous sight
On a calm, cool night.

The earth is brown and green
The earth is black
The moon is unseen
The sun will come back.

The mountain is quiet and symphonic
With the creatures living on it
It's a long, unfolding fight
And a calm, cool night.

The coast-line fluctuates between the tides
With relative forces of light
Heavenly bodies orbit
In the calm, cool night.

The earth is brown and green
The earth is black
The moon is unseen
The sun will come back.

Don't go near the man
Who leads his children by the hand
To stand
In front of a train.

He's just watching it come
He isn't thinking about them
It's more than being dumb--
It's oblivion.

How long will he stand there
Watching the train?
How long will he be there?
Will he turn away?


He bought our meals with his ticket
And never asked me to pay him back
But just to talk and to kick it.
He was excited and passionate--

His Elizabethan love, the Beats,
REM, then Radiohead,
And his red-headed Margaret
In a bygone era of disobedience.

We walked the campus with ideas
And conversation running over
We were more kindred than friends
And conversation running over.

We alone seemed to know the difference
Between gnosis and sophistry,
Groundless suppositions, insight and inference,
In a bygone era of prose and poetry.

Sometimes she would participate
But sometimes she was jealous.
It was impossible to read her face,
But her friend would tell us.


You were inside my old car
Taking about our brothers
We didn't know where
We were going

Maybe to a shelter
Somewhere to get some help
Some kind of food kitchen
Where we could feed ourselves

You were sitting beside me
As we talked about them
All they've been through
And how they're doing now

We were in my old car
Talking about our brothers
We didn't know where
We were going

It didn't matter where
As long as you were there
I didn't really care
It didn't really matter.



A young pregnant mother
Walks down the street
Her boy follows obediently
Does she have a man at home?
Does he help provide for their needs?
Does she have the time to feel alone?
Does she have any family?

She stops and looks
Through the window of a boutique
Where all the women stop
To window-shop or to treat
Then walks on with an afterthought
On the way, another mouth to feed
She doesn't treat herself a lot

The boy follows quickly
His posture erect
And head down in childhood's reverie
Under her arm of shelter
He submits a fearless respect
She doesn't have to lash with leather
And he understands a little better.


The farm was a place
Set away from time
Being the first foundation
After the earth itself

The tractor was too old to run
Like a dinosaur in the brush
Weeds, insects, an intense sun,
No one mounted it much.

They used to have horses
But all they have is cattle now
Cars to take them to the bars
Trailers for the slaughter-houses.

The people at the feed-store
Don't know the farmers anymore
Everybody's strangers
It's not like it seemed before.

The old, deadwood fences
Grayed, softened by the second-half.
The barn itself is falling in,
Full of everything, even rats.


Only the farmhouse looks old
The earth seems as new as ever
A tree grows through a hole
In a collapse of the shelter

The ceiling is caved in low
The roof didn't survive the weather
With salt in the airs that blow
And sun in the sky forever
How long abandoned and fallow
Has it worn the rains together?
The tree stands through the roof
Its palms unfolding slowly
Under all conditions a proof
There is more and more unfolding

The sky is open and wide
The birds fly through like arrowheads
Then they fly through single-file
Through clouds in the emptiness
A loner treads behind
And swoops for fish at the surface.

Human beings have been living
As long as there has been a distinction
Between their species
And its predecessors in succession.

Many of our common cousins
Already met their extinction
For whatever deprivation or reason
Whatever natural order or treason

People have left magnificent ruins
Testaments to their lives,
Their world, and the social vision.
Death is no more than a sleight.

Palaces, settlements, and temples
Forming great complexes
Centered for trade, worship symbols,
Habitation, and tribal connection.

What remains of a people is more
Than its buildings and temples
It is the people themselves
In their migratory travels.

The have not left us for good
They have not left us alone
They are still here--in a wood
Beside the water, making a home.


I really did love you,
You know that.
And you know how
I thought of you
And I still do.

Nothing will ever change
What we shared
During those years
Time has tempered.

I understand how people
Have to move on
It wouldn't be life if we didn't--
If it wasn't gone.

But we shared something
No one can ever take away from us
No matter how long we live
Even if we turned today to dust

We didn't break each other's hearts
It was the thrust of love
Breaking them apart,
And the weight of love
Crushing them asunder.

It's like no one can do anything
To stop all this madness
So many people in the world living
So many places to hide-out

It takes so many people to conduct
The mass enterprise of war
The inter-generational conflict
And the semblance of government

It's like no one can do anything
To stop all this madness
People pretend to be in power and everything
But really they too are just helpless--

It takes so many people to conduct
The widespread peace of nations
The great harmony of co-existence
Service to all generations

It's like no one can do anything
To stop all this madness
People live to defend the industry
Despite its bad business.


I don't have many problems
Life is pretty good
Issues--whatever you call them.
It isn't that bad:

A tendency to avoid
Excess social situations
Saves me a lot of trouble
And snaring entanglements

It helps me not to drink
Which is inevitable
In the boredom-gatherings
Of bars and pub-tables.

Performance anxiety helps me
Not to rush anything
It ripens what life tells me
And makes me wait until it's ready.

Addictions grow from habit
Mine is not so uncommon
I hope you don't have it
(We may free what is bonded).


He told a story about a man
Who challenged Abraham
And the belief in some kind of single
Lord of the universe.
While some thought there were many,
Others thought there were none.

The man told Abraham,
"I too give life and death,"
Because he had been
Appointed an elite position.

Abraham said,
"My Lord brings the sun
From the east,
So bring it from the west."

You tell me the war won't stop
And people won't get justice,
Necessity, equality,
And freedom of thought.
Well, freedom is more than that,
And it's what's not going to stop.

Show me a little peace,
Show me the best of the best.
My lord brings the sun from the east--
So bring it from the west.


I am sure that I love you--
What are we supposed to do
About what time puts us through?
Maybe we should try something new.

The traditional spiel
Isn't working out so well
Hell, it isn't working out at all
It's a shell of its former self.

I know this love is real
Because I know how I feel,
But I don't know how it'll
Play out in this world.

I don't want to give you a diamond ring
If it comes to a day of mourning
My support would give your suffering
Shelter if your world were storming.

I will be a friend to you
And as loyal as the moon
Beyond all the well-to-do
I will give you something true.

It's hard to have any fun
It's even hard to feel good
After all the things I've done
From the peaks of mountains
To the industrial underground

Parking-lots at night
To rooftops before dawn
Lakes in a dim sunlight
Before the day is gone
For the sky's underside.

Maybe it's just the times I'm living in
Maybe it's not the same for you
It seems like it was the same for you
But then time changes all this
Through and through, by and by--


Don't be scared
I'm just looking at you
My eyes cannot harm you
What may they do?

You don't have to be defensive
You don't have to stand on guard
But as long as you live
You're fine as you are

You don't have to be mine
I prefer that you are free
Not a person alive
Could be owned by me.

We're not anything
As long as you deny me
And it is all a dream
In the sleep of trying.

I'm starting to believe
Nothing changes but perspective:

The wind is still windy
And the tree is still a tree

The rain still rains
And the sky's still empty

The stars are still shining
And the sun's still blinding


It doesn't have to be this way
There are so many other options
Just remember what I say
And observe your own response

It's all a matter of mind-set
And how all is inevitably relative
Through appearance the addicted
Depend on other correlates.

Stop--and start over
To consume the cycle.
How few masters there are
Who lord the wheel,
And, then, who lords the wheel?

It doesn't have to be this way
There are many worlds of options
Through how you do and what you say,
So much for an immediate response.

It's all a matter of mind-set
Get up and move around
If the world spins you up, then wind down,
Relax and stretch out.

Measure what you see by the unseen
Energy moving earth and its waters
Namely, the solar system thing--
Dependent on recycling.

Wildcats are scared by the dogs
In escaping with ease to the salty streets
Taking the lazy way without a thought
Health is not an easy habit.

Horrible stories get the news
Ignoble acts casually misconstrued
Dependent peace, original blues.
Delusion is addiction's muse
Endowed with mental tools unused
Never mentored into the truth.

Mob-mentality took over briefly today
Eighteen or more chased and beat one man
Shadows in the streets of the city
Stretching out alone.
Any place can seem bleak
Gardens of delight gone in a week
Endless the procession of headlights
Slowly passing la Policia.

I hear chimes the moment I see lightning
A man passes in the phosphorescence
An androgynous shuffle under skies
Again, the lightning before the thunder
The recurring crash of waves on the sea shore
Both figures have passed in the great wonder
But the sound of the sea is still right here.

He claims that some people don't work these days
Because he sees me sitting here at lengths
Doing nothing as far as he can tell
But doesn't know what I am here for
Just to stay awake and to watch the place
You couldn't pay me any more money
To listen to his shit for one mere hour.

The wind blows frequently onto my face
Oriented towards the far, wide sea
I know some of what is beyond this place
And it is no better in blood or breed
When it strays from the right path wickedly
With civilian casualties
And endless words of warlord trickery.

Decades of damage smuggled into the States
To manipulate foreign politics
And business investments, as well as
To supplement people's sure misery
A gracious welcoming for the rainclouds
Though I was not expecting indulgent
Drug-smuggling to arrest raw power.

Even our beloved United States
Courted nations into a Third World sweepstakes
Guerilla warfare from the jungle's hands
To urban, street-fighting revolutions
To mother Africa, they followed Che.
Fidel told Kruschev to launch the missiles
Knowing the U.S. would destroy Cuba.

Eisenhower knew about the machine,
And the military-industrial
Complex he had unfortunately seen
Cratered in the European soil
He warned against it with serious zeal
But Kennedy shot for the moon and coiled
A martyr's film in Zapruder's shocked hands.

If I could make music with you, Baby,
You would be the first note I ever touched
The first name I spoke, the first chord I struck
The first beat laid down, the rhythm strummed
Verses followed by a chorus from home
Then the bridge into another new world
And we would refrain to instrumental.

If I could make music with you, Baby,
You would be the first keys I ever played
On somebody else's old piano
Feeling them down, hearing the sound in them
A world of order in their cyclic rounds
But chaos in the wildness of their tones
I would blank out in the instrumental.

If I could make music with you, Baby,
You would be the first I wanted to dance
I don't guess I could want anything else
But maybe drums, and big synthesizers,
Violins, and some brass, a stand-up bass
Maracas and flutes, wind chimes, enough space..
We could refrain in an instrumental.

We're in a small town with an urban bite
Nestled to a cove two or three miles long
You might get what you ask for, it's a blast
You know where this is going to end up
You just don't know how it's going to get there
Pictures hanging of a girl who's missing
In the underground world of whistling

The prostitutes are out during the night
But Johns are most usually the threat
They're always the ones who get violent
And go psycho under surveillance cams
In the streets they position the players
And send messages to each other's heads
In the underground world of whistling

All the organizers behind the scenes
All the architects of the convention
Whether "new American century"
Or the same old guise of peace and freedom
They have beating hearts but they cease to be
When they forget to breathe the beginning--
Struggling, costing, not having money
In the underground world of whistling.

If you claim to study psychology
There is no laboratory like your own mind
It is full of imprints and genealogy
The only subject for whom you have time
It depends on your breath continuously
And survives patterns
Like a set of waves, seriously,
And spontaneous wind that blows out the lantern.

Think how relative two people's dreams can be
Though dreaming of the same person
Everything you seem to see--
Everything you dream is only one version

Those objects and persons
You habitually designate with reality truth-status
Independent entities with identities
Are really just relativities thrown at us
The object of yourself too
Though habitually reified with reality truth-status
Is dependent on a myriad of entities
So you should abandon service to its baggage.

It is a practice to get better
And no conclusions are drawn
It is a chance for treatment, whether
You can save anyone from harm.

If you claim to study psychology
You should know it is for the sake of behavior
Eliminating suffering and brutal ideologies
Seeking refuge in the remains of a savior
It relies on your frank meditation
And balanced analysis
Your actions, intent, and motivation
And there is no hypothesis.


I don't know how long I slept
I don't know where my friend is at
There are still riots in Tibet
There is still war in Iraq

There is nothing between
East and West
They are really
Not so different

Beware of unjust claims
And national entitlements
Beyond mutual gains
And outlying settlements

I don't know how long I slept
I don't know where my friend is at
There is still unrest in China
And defensive Americans

There is nothing between
East and West
They are really
Not so different

Beware of collusion
Between twin-superpowers,
The media of delusion,
And pharmaceutical flowers.


The groom I never knew
But she came in from the rain
Her eyes were blue
Though the skies were gray

She wore a wedding ring
Though she was a widow
They could not consummate
What they had proposed

He went to sleep one night
And never woke up
Unless in a tunnel of light
To the welcome hands of love.

She kept wearing the ring
Out of remembrance
Love, and loyalty,
At least to all appearance

Her countenance was mild
But her eyes piercing
Inside she had gone wild
And cycled fiercely.


Music reams in the soda below
A car growls down the road
Followed by more on-the-go
The neighbor girls are loud

Film-shop neons, restaurant signs,
Friends crossing the streets
Making memories and good times
Heartbreaks and repeats

The Red Light District spread
All over like a blanket
A satellite tower also lit in red
Looms overhead the planet

Even though it may not be true
Or not really be like this
I believe I feel my best
When I feel like I create myself

Instead of just being a person
Playing out my time under the sun
I'm a worthy soul given mercy
All this living isn't without reason

It confused me when I was young
I didn't know how to let go
Just to move on
And to accept the unknown.

Life will come to see you
When you least expect it
And return no more but to teach you
Tales of the resurrection

He imitated the scar-faced character
And played the role of Bishop.
Expressions from the theater--
A political artist, a rare original.

Think it over, think about it
Lost in time and attention spans
Focus, the difficulty without it,
And emotional regulation.

If they had control,
Then they could change it.

A behavioral protocol of people
Based on psychiatric insights
Not potential profits and capital
But billions of shining lights.

If they had control,
Then they could change it.

Though you are not in control
No one is in control
The leaders have no control
It is like an illusion--a hole.


I'm out here in the desert
Do you know what they did out here?
Well, let's get everyone together
And tell them a story of subversion.
Dry-blood radioactive immersion.
There's beauty in the rock
But it's no place for a kid
Flash floods, light-electric shock
Thinking about what they did
Lightning bolts crash Pandora's Box.
How many times, do you know?
How many people here exposed?
How many urged to watch the show?
When will th global theater explode?
Still, we'll be urged to watch it go.
There's beauty in the earth
And it's no place for warfare
Smart bombs, nuclear power,
Thinking about you out there--
Stupid bombs, the ego fires
I'm out here in the desert
Do you know what they did out here?
I don't want to tell you it's forever
But it is a story of subversion
Dry-blood chemical warfare, desertion.

I thought I was going to die
When the river ran dry
I didn't know at that time
What would fall from the sky
What came was not a mist
But a torrential rain
Tearing the earth into pieces
Flooding the dead ravine.

I thought I was going to die
When the river ran dry
I didn't know what was going
To fall out of the sky
What came was not a gift
But an obligation
Tearing the youth into pieces
Flooding their broken dreams.

I'll give myself to something pure
But I don't see it in the mirror
I don't know the symptoms, I cannot know the cure
I can't just have faith I'm going to be here.

I'm not special in any real truth-status
I'm at the mercy of the earth and more
Just like you and those coming at us
We're no different when the world's at war

It's not about how I grew up or where
It's not about getting a Hollywood star
It's about this whole charade out of thin air
I can't just have faith I'm going to be here.

There are some serious social problems
And little difference across continents
They threaten all of them, all of them,
Pollution and disregard for the environment.

I don't want to be trapped on a dirty earth
Any more than in a dirty job
Between the dream of dying and birth
Is it only a dream of thought?


When you see one coming
From out on the horizon
Paddle to match its speed
And keep your eyes on it.

When you feel the wave push
Drop into the pit and pop up
To your feet in one motion,
Down the front of and the face of--

You have to catch it at the right time
And catch it at the right place
Catch it before it breaks
And ride out in front of the wave

Never let the nose go under
Hold it up by standing back
Stall a moment in some wonder
Don't give it too much slack

Stay low, a comfortable crouch,
The wave will push you forward
If you can stay in the pouch.
Cradle your head when you wipe out.

You may not even know
What direction you're facing
To the sky or sea-floor,
Seaward or the foreshore.


You sang me to sleep
In the late Nineteen Nineties
And I just wanted to thank you
Though I know you don't need it.

Many of those whom I would thank
Passed over years ago
And I don't know how many have gone
But you are still around

I wanted to get word to you
While I still have the chance
Everything you've been through
Makes you more victorious.

You sang me to sleep
In the late Nineteen Nineties
And I just wanted to say "thanks"
Though I know you don't need it.


They sprayed it from the air
Planes flew overhead
With clouds of poison rain
To kill the trees of a jungle
And steal its canopy
From the people hiding beneath

The earth is a shelter too
Where man-holes run labyrinthine
As a subterranean dream
Their strategy was to poison everything
So the inhabitants could not eat
Could not hide or live to fight

The companies Dow and Monsanto
Manufactured the dioxin poison
And it was used in high concentration
But the government would have found
Anyone who could have supplied it
Or anyone else to beholden

People have seen for over forty years
How the toxin's effects unfold
Because it killed people in the war
But something worse took hold--
A generation, and generations more
Genetic defects, monstrosities untold.

*based on an article from Vanity Fair
called "the vietnam syndrome"


You wouldn't believe
What things are turning up
From deep under the sea
You wouldn't believe what's turning up
From the very bottom of the sea.

The cloud was massive and dark
It appeared to have weight and mass
Its body was a cold mist without heart
Would it storm the people, would it pass?
Would it ever pass if it were to start?

The mountain stood giant and solid
It had no say in the atmosphere
At least when it came to the rainfall
It had no ears, but it could hear
Our little frequencies, the silence, and all.

The earth grows in bulges and in stone
With heat more fiery than one enraged
Liquefied rock of golden-red rivers
Volcanic blemishes, explosive and encaged,
Until it blows, and it blows like the sun.

The continent drifted slowly and still
So that it did not even know
The sea had forever surrounded it
Where it came, where it would go,
How it came to be, how it would go.

The sea swelled and sucked back in
Amid the great, invisible gravitation
Stretching beyond the moon and sun
The whole solar system, another generation,
Across the galaxies of the ancestral one.


The beautiful woman worked
Without joy, without love,
Without children she worked
To work was reason enough
But it was not reason at work

She was unloved
Though she was lovely
She worked unloved
But seemed to take no notice of
Many of te men who would have

She worked seriously
And she usually worked alone
She was serious and worked furiously
Like she didn't want to go home
Like she would never have the one.

The woman was beautiful
But she didn't try too hard
Or put on much make-up
She was naturally unmarred
And unmarred she worked 'til sun-up

She would not approach a man
She was a woman who worked
Whether secretly happy or sad
She felt to speak no word
And she felt no need

She did not get all she deserved
When she worked, she earned
Everything she received
Less ten more lengths of earth
And another woman secretly.

Through the conventional eye
The season was spring
The sun roared in the sky
And everything was rejuvenating
Under the silent reason why
The clean refreshment fell to raining.

But to the experienced one
A season unending
The sun roaring its song
With everything else depending
The rains are quick, the sun long,
And all its life benefiting.

The immensity of the earth and sun
Little moon around the way
A comic strip, the vast one,
Cosmic shades of gray
It was set-up with intimidation--
A big joke, God is at play.


My arm is dead
I can feel it in my bones
And I feel like shit
It's my offering to you
Please take it--
It is my offering to you.

It cracked open my head
And they took out a piece
Or put something in, or both--
My skull was kept on ice
While my open-brain burned
An icy-skull, the brain on fire

Though the sea cannot feel
If it could, it would be fiery,
Tumultuous, massive, and still
If feels no more than a fairy
But its forces are powerful
Our world no more than temporary.

It killed my arm, the sea
Except for pain in my bones
The tendons, the cuff,
A million stones, tiny bones
Slammed into by surf
The rash of gravel, ephemeral and rough.

The crash can crack your skull
And it is not personal
Sharks do feed at dark
It's not just a rumor
But it does not good to start--
Losing your sense of humor.


She was loved like my sister girl
She was long dead, but not long
In the wound it worked upon my head
In the wound it worked of woe like lead
And mine felt pain in the rail-car bed
I had no heart to give, I would give blood

She was loved like my sister girl
She was dead before she could see the world
It killed me to go after her
It killed me to go on in the world
She was gone before I could remember
What was it like to touch her, to hold her--

She was loved like my sister girl
She was already dead by the time
I lost control of the way I was feeling
Losing control, it was me only,
I was alone, and in death she left me,
Only memory and the impulse of forgetting

She was loved like my sister girl
I could get there, but too late to save her
I could get there in my mind
And it was terrible to get there in my mind
But still not to be able
To change what happened

She was loved like my sister girl
She was dead, I couldn't change it
I just wanted to see her, I love her,
I just wanted to see her like I remember
Without change, God had nothing on her.
Her time was done and mine distempered.

She was loved like my sister girl
She was dead and on the train
Her body rode inside the railroad car
Her body rode without any pain
But mine felt pain in the rail-car bed
Cut my heart out, and let me bleed-out.


I hate all this racism
And xenophobic paranoia
It was created, but it's useless
It's a dirty plague, bloody tasteless
It's counter-productive and wastes us
It's destructive and full of abuses.

It was created to reinforce
Political and economic slavery
Because it is not dominant
To beat the servitude into me
Real dominance sparks independence
The pursuit of happiness and peace

To know where we come from
Slavery, captivity, persecution
An unsavory and depraved institution
Coercion, brutality, the slow execution
And the rest of the sentence
Continued in the next generation

It was created to milk rewards
Hypocritical and aggressive strategies
Biting at the nipples of warlords
Adages bleed the best of people
Biting at the breast, a coward's force
Scared to die, to lose it all--


We didn't know much back then
We thought we were superior
To other people, other kingdoms,
Supremacists depend on inferiority
Complexes--nothing under the sun.

We were born into a social bubble
The fortunate had their nuclear family
Growing up was also growing a double
Alienation was an understatement
And collective isolation is in trouble

We didn't know it back then
In this rat-race we seem to be in
Which depends on self and other
Like yin and yang, you sink your teeth in
You take a bite, you swallow, and suffer

Unfortunates clung to legs in orphanages
Enterprise is international, but anational.
It has no loyalty, its false images
Deceive a good many in confessional
With their rites and privileges.


It's very simple, it's too simple
If fighting is not the way within
Then it is not the way out there
In the world where it's just people living

Communications have united the world
Awareness is more global than local
At the expense of the here-and-now
Unless the people become vocal

The greatness of a nation is in itself
Composed of its own people
Not in its relationships
With other organized regimes

The greatness of a nation is in itself
Of its own strange country
All of the people themselves
Not a foreign country's dream

It is difficult to break with heritage
When it has seemed to be dominant
But it is necessary to progress
To survive, to exist beyond it

It is difficult to break with heritage
When it seems to have been dominant
Even though we know it was ignorant
It was what it was--clearly militant.


The sunshine was dreaded but fair
And too bright to follow
The humidity felt like a fire
The moisture rose from below
A blanket burned without a shower
Reminiscent of an inferno
The temperature was getting higher
When will it all explode
Like some spontaneous combustion

Do you have anywhere to go
Or are you stuck here in the heat
Is there anywhere you can go
To get some needed relief?
You need a break from this shit
Step back into some respite
While there's still time to get it
Before it's already exploded
In some spontaneous combustion.

It wasn't her fault
She was too hot to see
She knew who she was, and she asked God
Why her flares were so fiery
The whole explosion prolonged
And her little jacket radioactive
She blew Downwind, then she was gone
Tonight is a good night to live
Tonight is a good night until Dawn.


They brought it from the east side
Where it grows a little easier
They're not coming with a peace-sign
The dollar sign is sleazier

The major problem with money
The lack of trust, broken loyalties,
It's like bees and their honey
And the madness over royalties

This kid is growing up in the streets
Lying, cheating, and stealing
Because there's no one there to teach
Or he doesn't care to listen

Where's he going to look for guidance
Lying, cheating, and stealing
Burned the way for our today
And its imperial elite

Don't blame the kid for stealing
What you're not hurting to have
He'll learn to make a living
Or die in a deal gone bad.


I don't even look up
When the girls are laughing in the streets
And the night is a broken lamp
Stardust falls, and I retreat--

I know how to withdraw
And to see dreams in dreams
I don't need your whole life and all
Just the moment here with me

I don't want to scream down
When they're walking on those long sidewalks
Or get their attention when they know how
I don't have a dime at all

They won't listen to me
When I don't have what it takes
To speak and be heard these days
The Age is getting dark again

They're listening to ghouls
Monstrous, nightmarish creatures
Deformed animals lounging in pools
By grave, ghastly behaviors


Don't buy into all the money
It'll sell you out in a moment
Long before you ever know it
Someone will have stolen it

It's not the answer to our needs
It's not equivalent with life,
Happiness, or quality
Isn't that what we really need?

People are struggling to eat
And you're worried about this shit?
People have it hard on the streets
You need a check of reality

Because you can take it to the bank
When the stock-markets crash
Something's going to boom in its place
Who will be there to witness?

Surely, I could come up
With something
I could sing again tomorrow
When everything is better

The war will be over
The world will start over
Peace will take over
And people won't get older

How long will she allow
Such enlightened sunset-red
To cut a swathe of yellow
And smear onto the palette?

The world will be over
The war will start over
War will take over
And people will get older

Force is a dying dream
Control has been abolished
Violence is slavery
And ignorance leashed upon us.

I don't know anybody
I feel so alone
I'll have to keep myself busy
And keep my mind on--

How we're all one
And the world's a broken home
A man and a woman
The children who come

Relationships are all that exist
Conception is two-tiered
But one in its essence
It's here and not here--

It's lonely tapped into paradise
Free of ego and conceit
The distinction of mistaken beliefs
The unproduced and preconceived


She did everything I needed
When I was hungry
She cooked and I would eat it
When I couldn't get it in my mouth
Then she would help me

She'd wash all of the dishes
And clean up my face
She hummed while she worked
And mended my clothes
Where they were torn in places

She made the dirty bed
When I couldn't get out of it
She changed the sheets
And gave me something clean
To sleep in, to sleep in...

She swept the floor
And boarded up the holes
Where rats came to explore
She dusted the furniture
And fixed the lock on the door

She woke me up
When I was having a bad dream
And put me down
When I needed a little mercy
She put me out of my misery


Thank you, Lord
For the moon
Thank you, Lord
For the room
You know I didn't want
To be alone, No

No one is born here
Without anyone at all
In the moment of departure
From the womb
Into this strange world

Thank you, Lord
For the moon
Thank you, Lord
For the room
You know I didn't want
To be alone, No

By the time you die
Maybe you become pitiful
Let the sleeping dogs lie
Maybe it is all beautiful
Maybe it is all a lie


You can't go around every night
On the look-out for bats
Even though you've already been attacked
You can't go around like that
Your blood is sweet as honey

You try to go to sleep in the light
When the bats are all asleep
They won't fly in and bite, they won't fly
May your rest come dreamlessly
Your blood is sweet as honey

Just because they have gotten you once
Doesn't mean they'll come back
Life doesn't always have to be like that
The bats biting at your neck
Your blood is sweet as honey

All the windows in the house are shut
You're trying to keep them out
I know you know what I'm talking about
Maybe you'll break a little sweat
Your blood is sweet as honey

There aren't any bats in the air
It's a perfect haven
It's a safe place away from the danger
There's no fear, there's no anger,
Your blood is sweet as honey

All the bats are gone
That is just the birds singing
Everything has to move on
With all you're imagining
Your blood is sweet as honey


I woke up late and hit the door
I ran downstairs
To the ice-cream store
I looked around
But she was nowhere to be found
Until she walked right in

She said, "You look like
You're from another world."
I said, "This one's gone
To hell in a hand-basket.
Is that so unusual?"
She smiled with satisfaction

We walked to the market
She went to an ATM
Then loaned me a few bucks
For a big bottle of water
She said I could pay her back
And much more I owe her

Two hours in bed with her
Is better than twelve hours alone
There is something about her
That keeps me from sleeping too long
I don't want to be without her
But I know we can't be together
She lives so far from here
Over the mountain's merry-weather

I won't ever forget
This experience all my life
And I won't ever regret
This passing time with her
She's the best dream I've ever had
And a city girl from way down south
You know she grew up fast
To leave the country's buried treasure

She's better than a bump
And she's better than a hit
Better than intoxication
When you're feeling it
Orgasm isn't the ultimate
It's the whole experience
And I'm getting lost in it
I'm getting lost in it.

To lay beside you so close
I feel the twitches of your muscles
As you dream and no one knows
The fluttering of tiny blood-vessels
Beautiful capillaries where it flows
Your body a well-toned instrumental
A physical vehicle that goes...
Fuck these nuclear missiles

It is an intimate ghost
Lying in the bed long afterwards
Could I forget how to hold
And how to let go of her?
Could I be thankful for the time we stole
From paradise's own storehouse of earth
What bliss it has permitted, who knows
What reason has preserved?

To feel the love you harbored
As you lay and tried to go to sleep
Tossed, you were weary and worn
Turned, you rolled over into my dream
Into my arms like a thing unformed
A fountain of water, cool in the ground
A well-spring like none ever before
Like a rain in the morning coming down.


Wherever you go
Know that I will miss you
And I don't have a heart anymore
You took it with you

I flat-lined into a memory
But your were still there
It was an inner-thing
I gasped for air

My body lay cold
Without the warmth of yours
It's grown dead and old
Without yours there.

I died on some stupid, cheap table
But went to a place
Where the earth is still sacred,
And I saw your face.

Something I'll remember
When I don't live anymore
Something special and tender
Though the world's at war

It's all right, let it pass
You don't have to stare anymore
You don't have to care, it's a caste
And the class-system is deformed

Something I'll always have
Though property feels meaningless
Someone special in my life
Love rises unrepressed.

It's all right, let it pass
It's just a long night into death
It's all right so long as
You take a deep breath

I'm thinking about you
Even when you're out of reach
Thoughts keep coming through
Without the words to speak

I'm relying on my memories
Though they're limited and few
They are sweet, sweet, sweet,
And I fell in love with you

I don't want to watch television
And I don't want to read
They remind me who I'm missing
When you're not here with me

Everything I see
Makes me think about you more
And where I want to be
With you in my arms

I'm trusting in my instincts
And they believe in you
Instincts do run deep
And trust in them is true


Ever since the day we met
I think about every cigarette
I don't want them to steal
All of this love I feel

I don't want it in the future
I don't want it in the past
It makes me feel impure
I want this love to last

I don't ever want to die
So long as there's you and I
I don't ever want to die
Long as you're in my life

Ever since the day we met
I think about every cigarette
I don't want them to steal
All of this love I feel

I don't want it in the future
I don't want it in the past
Leave you more than pictures
I want this love to last

You said it was ugly
And it made me want to stop
I don't know why you love me
It helps to put them up

Better to be long-searching for the truth,
Than to be driven to the mad and dead.
The details of sickness fill libraries
In bloody volumes of vulgar stories,
Obscene with violence lunge histories.
Bloody cruel our selective survival:
Our legions of bias launch revival.

The vow is unseen, the result unsure.
Despite my vow, know that your faith is pure.
If you are faithful, then why harbor doubts?
Truly, we grieve, but why the questions now?
Luminous compassion blessed the peasants.
We are the heirs of their dark despair.
Waiting for the sun, it's already there.

I had declared a promise to far worlds;
I had made a vow beyond crafting words:
Yet, they were the way to my Promise Land,
Just as they are the foundation of man;
I'm not trying to hurt anybody
Stop looking at me like I am bloody.
Man, I'll be honest before I'm buried.

Dare I defile the Lord without belief
When the causes of my doubt cannot be
Determined with any more certainty?
Accompanying me to cries and howls,
Waiting for me to connect the vowels.
If what you wonder now would break your heart,
Don't bother to ask, you know who you are.

To make a point and to pray the message,
Neither to speak after nor presage:

The truth of faith depends on if you're true,
Not on whether one has made vows to you.
A person's devotion can be questioned:
Love is open to interpretation,
And the truth is subject to suggestion.
Believe me now, or else it's misery.
You've seen the starlight with its rosary.

The quality of the vow makes sacred
What is critically consecrated
Because the promise is invisible.
Meaning--like holy script illegible:
Words may betray the loyalty of vows,
But the heart knows: despite what lies arouse
And silence keeps unsaid around the house.

What fantasy--the time you spend is free.
My loyalty is what you cannot see.
The confidence in you never changes.
It is the same--piece-meal it arranges
New opportunities to manifest.
My loyalty to you endures the test,
Not while with you, but while with someone else.

Nothing in the world can make true or false
The devotion that depends on a pulse.
Nothing in the world should change someone's faith;
It's day in and day out, day after day.
Although all else may change, faith remains free.
The ability to trust, it's real, see...
Knowing all the while it's transitory.

Even beyond the blue, all colors lack
Context without the eye of retrospect.

The sky is nothing but a beautiful
Extension of the earth and emptiness.
The light just bends to blend in with the globe.
Know that your heart inspires your arms again.
People vent the beginning and the end.
Preserve your faith like one untouched by men.
Hold separate your faith: on none depend.


Grant me a strong heart,
And peace with Muslims;
Yes, peace with Jews.
Everybody's just payin' their dues

I'll send angels before
I follow the Lord.
I'll pray until I'm bored
And cut myself, I'm bloody floored.

What happens in the silence?
Plates shifting, violent volcanoes,
Earth shaking,
The great waters rifting.

To float amid you
With all my trust & submission.
To let go, to get lost--
This due in remembrance of you


They have slandered the days of his dying
And they will slander the mourning trying
To pay attention when the man is gone.
He was alive the other morning, then...
He was awake while waking with the dawn
His wife was with him and he was like one
Shedding old skins in the sun's strange season.

They want me to live a long time, you know?
I do too, but it's not always been so.
I forecasted death to an age I've passed.
I planned but failed to start the end--it's next.
I thought that it would all be over soon
But I was so wrong, wrong, moon after moon,
And night after night in this bloody room.

I believe in the dependence of dreams,
They can help us understand what life means
They can make us into what we can be
And without them, restlessly must we sleep.
Dreams rejuvenate and strengthen the mind
Keep life in perspective and death behind
They preserve themselves, recycling time.

I had a foretaste of paradigm shifts
I saw upon the sea how a raft drifts
And I know that something inside me lifts
From the very darkest, deepest places
I've explored the evolution of mind
Where else would there be any truth to find?
How else would we watch the watchers of time?

All of the heaves and fits of the nations
Shall not bury the new generations.
All of the wars and fears and injustice
Shall not bury the new generations.
They're spreading like a plague from mind to mind,
But the cure is also out there waiting
Well within the capacity of love.

I don't know why they mourn the fine man now
After degrading his holy-limbo
Other than the knowledge they too will die
And they are not immune when their breaths go.
They rumored death for seven days or more;
Rumored of plagues, the end of days, and war.
They plotted against him, his widow said.

If you can do anything, free the space
To deliver us, liberate your place
Take everything you own--consolidate.
Nothing will work if people don't have faith.
Change yourself to impress upon the race
Do more than talk. Know what I'm saying?
You can live your whole life every day.

Don't try to go out and change the whole world.
Change the one within you; the world follows.
Don't try to change them; you cannot change them.
Just change yourself and the rest will follow.
Live and lead by setting an example.
Tolerance--the teeth of difficulty
When you want to blood-let the ignorance.

I refuse to read of his burial;
I refuse to look at pictures that pull.
I won't look at his casket lifted high:
I don't need to see to believe we die.
All I remember is his smiling eyes
And the calm demeanor with which our lives
Were respected with mindfulness, not lies.

The things I've seen have not yet come to pass
All of this comes although it cannot last.
It is of no use but that it has passed.
It plays its part, whomever we may ask
You know, it's all extraordinary
All our lives avoiding being buried
All our lives avoiding being buried.


You were created from nothing on earth
And cultivated for natural birth
Both of you were unleashed on the wicked
To show them how to live within limits
Because they're invading our boundaries
And there's nothing we can do about it.
Tell me it's much more than a memory.

There ain't nothing to be ashamed of, love.
Our pride is nothing in the skies above
I'm just thankful that we live here below
For a while, for a little while, you know?
We know that nature's river will always flow
Until it is dry and the winds will blow
All the glaciers in the sea, then explode.

We've seen too many of these volcanoes
We don't have nine lives, we don't speak no lies
We say the man in time is like lightning
Maybe just the rolling of the thunder
Is it enough to make people wonder?
It's confusing how they can plunder--
The guise of liberation folds under.

Looks like she's discovering her body
Feeling for the first time what is godly.
You know she won't just have anybody
And she has chosen you for her long dream.
The gentle grace, it's extraordinary.
She is a hostess in an impure world.
I've seen her picture; yes, I fell in love.

Never seen her in the flesh, in the blood,
And you would not forget her if you had.
Yes, she looks so soft, and she looks so glossed.
She is an indescribable wonder.
She's an original; she sought the cause.
She still fought when everything seemed lost.
She has in general journeyed across.

Who am I under rain when the sky's black?
Who am I to lay kisses on her back?
She is a woman and must leave no trace
Imploding in an embryonic sac
Coming again in the world when she's born
Crying, the wilderness she's seen before...
Fighting all night in some new man-of-war.


Time's dark shadow moved across her body.
She was a perfect place in paradise:
Her body was space with light in her eyes.
She was a high-lamp in an empty room.
She leaned back and lay propped on a ladder;
I watched her go up and I went after:
She was in a serious position.

I could never forget her fair-life face
Back then she was lean, her body limber
She fell back into a straw-bottomed chair
She was looking at me, quite unaware
Finally, she had my full-attention
She lived in the cold and loved that sweater
It felt just right and looked the right color.

She lived for the day, but survived the night
No autumn-gold could outmeasure her light
She pinched herself to see if she was real
Then shut her eyes with erotic suprise
She was not mine, always one of a kind.
She tempted me in the stand-up shower
Smiling with forgiveness as her power.

She said, "Faith grows where there's faith that will last."
Letting her hair down, she was earth's stained-glass
For mirrors withered as the seasons passed.
It's hard to believe we are as the grass.
She felt black woe would grow fond of echoes
And finally flipped-out, though no one knows.
Beauty composed as bloody epic prose

It feels like that was a long time ago
She looked at me from the second-story
And then asked if I wanted to come in
Sure, I accepted her invitation.
Why ever would I turn away from her
Unless she had changed from that time to this
Or I felt happy to be down somehow?

She left me haunted and lurked in the world
Like some kind of love would live beyond it.
I knew the one I wanted from the start:
She painted afternoons in blue leisure,
And shocked me with ambiguous seizures.
We were quickly withdrawn, yet undaunted;
Automatic waterfalls plunged over.

She was medicine spun from silk-visions.
Once, I thirsted for her breasts as their milk.
Then, I prayed on the smoothness of her thighs
As I waited and wondered at her eyes
Until she had a look I recognized:
She was more than of man, for she was wise.
A living treasure, she lived without price.

She was the kind of girl who liked to play.
Lowering her dark eyes to morning-light.
She shed ten-thousand things and seized the day,
And to lead the way, she followed no pack.
Looking inward, all her words went away.
She sat upon her heels and arched her back,
Then shut her eyes, and all the world went black.

She walked a course that was curved by her hips,
Then lay across the surface of the world.
If I had caught her on the last tail-end,
I would have died then and been welcomed in.
Her eyes and lips spelled love-like hypnosis,
And she remembered how she was a girl
With a woman's body amid the blur.

She's a good woman, we talked all the time.
Showing me what I may have missed through mine,
She bent over to un-zip the lone boot.
As she looked back at me, man, I looked too.
We were in it together and we knew.
There was no doubt what we were going to do.
It would all just happen--the moonlight knew.

She's much poorer than to wear the leather
She knows we're here to help one another.
She will do strange things all for charity
And she dares our stones of impurity
I liked the way she looked down her contour
And bid long I overlook it with her.
She was the beauty in this wicked world.

She was moving through my heart all that day
She was a flexible woman who prayed.
I never saw her any other way.
There were no laws, there were none to break
She was ambitious, love permitted us.
Her acceptance was the lengths she went to--
Her acceptance was the lengths she went to.

Baby, know there's still no shame in the shroud
Now that we all know how death is not proud
Like nights of hope before mornings that glow
I would wake with her, peacefully, slowly;
She'd talk a moment to share her dream-show:
Touch each other as skies make our kin crawl,
Touch each other as cries make our skins crawl.

See her climb into a high position
Watch her close her eyes, it's how she listens
You know she's forced with all these decisions
It's like her second nature's in prison
It looks like she has spilled some of her juice
It's not a big deal, but it's front-page news
She just had to sit there falsely accused.

She lay herself back upon the table
And invited him in for a fable
Communing with her fingers and her touch
She threw him out and when the door had shut
She made him beg her with his words of love
It was something innocent and bridal,
And no stone lay unturned with no earth above.

I know that I'd seen her some place before
Like a dream with her lying still on the floor
She rose up in a vision on the chair
And danced without putting on any airs.
She was young at heart yet ruled the lion's lair
I couldn't make light of many errors,
Couldn't shield her eyes that shot like arrows.


It was dark, light was nowhere to be found
And the rainfall was storming without stop.
From the parking lot, we were being watched
By men in a van who pretended trust
And only posed more doubt but posed for naught.
There was no need to ask them for their help;
Their uniforms had given them away.

Soon, I was in the process of moving.
Stepping on the trail, trying to get home,
I found myself in the mountain canyons
And went dead overlooking the lowlands.
My eyelids down, I hid from the city;
I know that it provided no answers,
And only more complicated matters.

I had things that I still needed to do.
There were a few people I had to see.
I had places that I needed to be,
And risked my life dangling from crumbling rocks:
Nothing was significant at that point,
Because I was just fighting for my life
And nothing more: I could feel no import.

I was trying to find all of my friends
To tell them what I still had left to do,
To ask them for their help in any way,
To invite them to come along with me;
I could not find them when I needed them.
I knew then that I would depart alone,
In a rush, without a definite plan.

I was trying to figure out the way
To get all of the things that I needed
For the journey to return in one day
And to be where I felt the need to be.
How it would go for me, I did not know.
Feeling afraid of dying incomplete,
I could not find the help for which I sought.

I ended up just jumping from a ledge,
And falling in faith but to land secure,
I survived the worst; it was just a start,
And just another step on the soujourn.
I called for my friend so he would jump too.
Dust we raced with the honorable chiefs
And the speed of our pursuit spun my dreams.

Everything was a desperate escape;
It was like being on the run from fate.
Finally, the sun raised its golden face
Upon the last, best hope, though desolate.
Everything was urgent in the dream,
And there was no place to recuperate:
For patience, there was no time to delay.

And there was no way to postpone the day
Everything had been uncertain for me
And there was no way to make sure of late
That what we questioned was not bound to break.
Before I could depart, I would awake
To find myself one and not without hope.
If I ever made it home, I don't know.


Nomads moved like clans through tribal kingdoms.
An angel of the Lord appeared to them:
The unwritten law abolishes pain.
The leaders of the shameful market-chains,
Withdrawn from the very agents of change
Who could age them, teach revolts over-reign.
A little while, they seem to heal the lame.

Adam lived with Eve in the Paradise
Dwelling in bliss, yet not to realize
What they called the fair Garden of Eden.
How could you make me not believe in them?
I only know that I am a heathen.
Yes, all of the children of Abraham,
Have come from the man who came from the ground.

How could God's creative activities,
From the abyss, form these salt-water seas?
What new life shall be born in Gehenna
Where there rages a storm that is spinning?
How could the Christ be the last of Adam
When the children of Abraham abound?
Who is the son of David and the Dao?

Dig deep enough, the roots are African:
Indians and Native Americans,
From Asians to the pale Europeans.
What is not an anthropomorphism?
We are one undying and strange species,
Yet God manifests the diversity;
It's not a thing of the past we're living.


Do not resist the stark mortality
Being has been made to pass for frailty
What happens happens with finality
Like UFOs crashing on a city
Take your vast ancestors, for example
How long would they live to turn, to trample
A temple? They'd die sooner--that simple.

Do not grieve them with the power of change
It has no power but must rearrange
And the stars align as they are, it's strange
To suffer disdain, to despair with age
We have transformed our misery ten-fold
The more we have demanded souls for gold
Listen to the youth, but hear out the old.

Do not withdraw from me because it's cold
Send warm, watery thoughts like calls on hold
Carry the search and question what you're told
Who believes that one may never be sold?
Know them before you trust them completely
No matter what you feel, try observing--
Maybe there's no use in ever meeting.

Don't hate them if they are liberators
But lives are like the blades of the razors.
If the chains of command come from the haters,
Then we'll bleed-out undercut with craters
Call attention to our caches of arms
Our bent to destruction and to self-harm
(God's sounding an invisible alarm).

What are the causes that I resist sleep?
What are the reasons that I postpone the deep?
Why would I shun what may come as a dream?
Why would I ask anyone what it means?
They'll just return me to the psalms they sing
We'll just go through this again where we've been
What's the use of that with proof of the end?

Do not follow the way of the senses
Which makes sense through mere coincidences
Do not pretend to know your intentions
All these demands rise in dreaded fictions
Whose harmony is still illusory
And whose memories are still history.
Why accept what is unnecessary?

Do not follow the way of vain glory
Wrap your limbs in garments of agony
Practicing is participatory
Cry down the hallway, "The seventh story!"
There is no use to remember your face
You have passed over without sending trace
Of what it's like sleepless in your disgrace

I'd rather stay awake all through the night
Than slumber through the early morning light
I'd rather get no sleep at all, see?
It's already late, I can't oversleep.
And I am just going to stay awake.
I'm just going to sit until daybreak.
I'm going to relieve those slings of fate.

Don't wreck yourself over a little pain
You've gotta be strong; you've got to maintain.
I know you don't want to quit, but it's vain.
It's just not as important as it seems
And I believe in the cloth that you wear
Because of the thread, all the seams are there.
Because your heart beats, and you inhale air.


It has been said that I am a sinner,
And it was she who hung the moon for me,
Illuminating the sky in winter
To cover one day after another
Then change again to the blazing summer
Transforming herself into springtime air
And intoning the bleak despair of fall.

To prevent me from clinging to the taste
She never let me taste in the first place
And still there was nothing that she could do
She tried her best to clean up her own mess
Never feeling that she should be depressed
Never indulging in self-absorption
She was natural in her distortion.

When she tuned into the weight of the storm
Broken tears, she wished she had not been born
But really to live her life just to warn
All of the sufferers coming upon
The clouds that cling to disperse as the rain
Falling as the sun in the evening
She met the mentor far before the dawn.

Until they could hear her, they held their breath,
And talked their children down the halls of change
That led them to her gentle offerings.
They tried their best and could not conquer death
She had its secret and shattered its form.
She saved her secret for the last world war
The great war that brought us all together.

While I waited for a figure of flesh
I never knew that she moved as a mist
And captivated strangers in the streets
She pulled them as if light were effortless.
Never forming from preconceived notions
Never attached to the tempting ocean
She was enigmatic and beautiful

To console myself I tore through pages
Writing new words over the printed type
Not wanting to rush it all in rages
I tried my best to let the time be ripe
Never hitting her at the right angle
Never giving tangents their proper place
She needed room to grow (and me to go).

Fearing disappointment and blasphemy
I could never put a name on her ghost
However I imagined her to be
I tried my best to be kind to my guest
Never knowing she took a great offense
Never caring that I had no defense
She just may enlighten and surprise us.

I was waiting for the emptiness-girl
She was born to teach us how to vacate
She disappeared into an ugly world
And tried her best to be kind to her guest
Never deny she suffered a hard time
Never looking her body up and down
Instead, I watched her face the slow outcome.

It has been said that I am a dreamer
But it was she who sung me into sleep
And her next song that let me remember
Though she slept at length along beside me
It was she who woke me in the morning
To kiss my eyes with the day incarnate
And cross her heart but never hope to die.



Father imprisoned
And mother in the grave
Some power spoke to her
But she heard more
Than voices when she listened

Father imprisoned
And mother in the grave
Impersonal biology--a Blur,
But life alone
Lives after-all, and after...

She has guts, she does
I respect her, she's tough
Had they asked, "Who will protest?"
She would have stood up
They didn't even have to ask

Father imprisoned,
And mother in the grave
She did say it hurt
Deep inside her guts
But she did not give up

Father imprisoned
And mother in the grave
With passion, she doesn't care
What we think of her
And she's a fair brave warrior.


It is like a whirling dervish
Mindlessly one moment
Losing the spin of earth
Tuning the G--an open E.

A hairnet risen turban-like
To shape the shining hair
She's charming no serpent
And turning upward in the air

Her skirt flies out into a cone
She changes shapes at once
Her old feelings are gone
Tuning into the dance

She turns around and around
She's spinning faithfully
She turns around and around
Teething her breath--truthfully.


She's not in a crack-house--in fact, she was brought up
In some element of elegance, if not full arrogance,
With an exaggerated sense of self-importance
Just like most of us

But with the motivation of love
Nevertheless, and all the more,
Despite all that, still she's coming in
Looking all doped up

She's barely dressed, not that she isn't a knock-out,
She's just running with the wrong crowd
But just because she doesn't see it yet
Doesn't mean she won't come around.


Because I criticize...
You don't have to convince me of anything
I don't need your alibis
I have not asked you for many things

I have already made up my mind
May it make your way a little easier
Like the beneficiary of time--
I will not forget you today.


You too are a glorious diamond
A jewel of the ages
A fossil in the sunlight
An animated enigma.

Brief is all your beauty
And transient as the trades
Passing as spring rains
And seasons in the shade.

You call yourself by one name
But I call you by another
They are not the same,
Dear mother.

The victim of some blight
Overt oppression's plight
Exploitation and its reich
An economic dark night

Then why do you suffer strife?
And why do I suffer strife?
Why do you suffer strife?
It looks hopeless from my side.

Even as I must accept my own
I must accept your suffering
It is just as certain for you
As it is for me

You call yourself by one name
But I call you by another
They are not the same,
Dear mother.


Your beauty was always
And I mean non-traditional
Then the essence of humanity
Braves onward, beyond what was before.

Both trans-generational
As well as inter-personal
Oh, I know it is sensational
But I can't even get up to fill my cup
When the dip of your hip meets the first rib.

There is so much you don't know
About where I have been
And who I am
Along with those to whom
I have been a close companion.

Intimate, brother, son, Boo--
Lover, sister, mother--adieu.
A vessel of signs
As mature as the moon,
I have been a close companion.


Waiting for your salient features
To open seriously
Into the first, full focus
Of youthful attention.

I love you,
And you don't ask anything of me.
A holistic creature
Beyond false distinctions.

It's your favorite holiday
And you're back with your family
Making memories
It's the very joy inside me.

Instead of demonstrating
Superficial themes
You are now deracinating
The underpinnings.

It hurt you to listen
To their love in its day
It hurt worst of all
Seeing them that way.

Your broad mind
Privatized its addiction
Beyond propaganda
In search of the higher-one.


You called Hollywood a whore
But she's a sweet one in the hills
Your house is already on fire
Burning stills and reels.

You take good care entertaining,
It's been nice knowing you
You make me want to take things
More seriously--

Like I always should have.
You make me want to be better
It must be possible.
You take good care, you hear?



The younger man was left
Responsible for the eight year old
Because mom had to work her shifts
And the unasked went untold

The young woman's relationship
With her relatives were strained
Especially with her mother
Whom she came to blame

They couldn't make it on his check
Working periodically, day labor,
Or claiming unemployment; hell,
He supported the liquor store

And she was taken to a room
Where we don't want to know
What happened to her cartoon.
She hurt a lot, she hurt alone

And the girl was invaded
To withdraw most of all she felt
Except for the dying cry of love
Full of pain inside--it barely helped.


Like Stephen the Saint
Coming through late
To the still beautiful
Yet lifeless face

To pay his tribute
He placed a single stem
A rose the other end
Where the lid lay open

She deferred all gathering
In her own name
To the name of another
The lion of humans.

His hair tied at the back
And labored in a braid
He had turned his bricks
An artist at his trade

I know he's no saint
You can't put anyone on a pedestal
But a good heart is rare these days
It's almost extra-terrestrial.


I am not alone
In addiction
Called in the medical profession
Poly-substance dependence

In my "religion" it is called
A devil of addictive passions
In science it is called
More than classical conditioning--

Self-habit mirrors an illusion
Identity loses all meaning
Through a million generations
Geared toward dissolution

There is treatment
For those who are willing, able,
And ready to practice
The art of a dying experiment:

All medicine, love, war,
Weather, fires, food, feathers,
Reticence, chances, pleasures, powers,
Wood, drums, chants--together.


You had better get ready to die
Because you know it's coming
You know you are alive
And you know what's happening

Any moment can open the end
The same a new beginning
It comes, it goes, and then...
To count there are too many.

You had better get ready to die
Because you know it's coming
You know you are alive
Time is running out--it's running.


Get everything stripped down
Set out, in place,
Then put up in a pile by the door
Load it all early
So when the wake up call comes
I'm ready to roll

I've been dying to these nights
Without planning the next day
It's causing problems all right
This just gave them reason
They feel self-righteous
But they are not enlightened.

Let me live this lesson of the road
Don't let my learning come and go
Without being used and applied,
Practiced and improved.
May I use even those unfortunate conditions
To bend me to the truth.


I don't have time for all of this
It's already over, and you never started
Writing on the mirrors of your bliss
Just to miss your plane in Jakarta

I'm sorry for this eventual mess
If that is what it is
I wish everything would have worked out better
But it is just like everything else

Now that nothing is cursed
And nothing is blessed
It's just like I said,

I don't have time for all of this
They've never even heard of Christmas
Waiting on presents to make an appearance
But to exploit the passion of martyrs

Now that nothing is cursed
And nothing is blessed
It's just like I said,

You want a little power in this world
You want a little glory to destroy
You want a little flower for your girl
You want a little story for your boy--


He said the smoke was sacred
Because it represented
Communication with the Dead
The whole sky a spirit--

The smoke streams dispersed
Through the emptiness
Signals from the earth
We're still here in this

He could never comprehend
The shifty-eyed visitor
Uneasy as he could have been
"What could he want from us?"

We do not own
That which he asks of us
It is nature, and we are one.
He cannot possess the dusk.


The night rolls us all by
From the fringes of Cordoba
To the dreams of Rio

Hunger races restlessly
In the braces of necessity
From the warnings of the warrior
To the breaches of the fire

A little coffee, a little tea
All I really need
To help me stay awake
To come to my aid

Cordoba--in its very bricks
The stones of its pathways
Routes of commerce and enterprise
Where there is Business

There are a lot of lies
Though some are sincere and honest
Some are controlled (or less-conscious),
Progeny of primadonnas.

And then there are Rios,
And more than the Rios
Where each one of them flows
No one finally knows.


In the name of our fathers
I am sorry for our delay
To make peace
Rather than war to the last day

What superpowers
Could hold us back?
Who would they be
To limit what we lack?

In the name of our fathers
I am sorry for our belief
In idols and idolaters
When they cannot cease our grief,

Or come to our sure rescue
When we are through,
Or re-create our rag-tag crew
From nothingness anew

They cannot save us
From our deep-set envy
Or greed in the bleak dust
From points of divinity


April's another month older--
Time's going so fast
New Year's was only yesterday
And spring is almost over

It was a long, hot summer
The sun burned again
Coming up on the gunners
With his imperial head in the sand

Will they pull out after all?
When will they come home?
After they've answered the call?
Will you disown them all?

It disgusts me to hear them talk
When nothing's done at all,
Nah, bull-shitting with the law
We'll never pay it off--

Strong armed, nothing solved...
His hand is on the trigger
And by this year's end
It'll sell out again, sold out again.

*this was actually written last april



morning day
evening night
sun and stars (quanta)

dark light




I stay sedated on the chronic
They don't want to see me
On Friday night fight nights
I'll be ripping off my shirt
After watching the Supersonics
With one too many gin and tonics

I stay sedated on the chronic
They don't want to see me
On Friday night flying high
I don't need to see
Your rippling vibrations
Crumbling around me

I stay sedated on the chronic
It makes me passive
And smooths the rougher edges
It's hard to believe in diamonds
When mining-shafts collapse
And cars fall with bridges

Yellow camels in the desert
We ride to the Duke of Marlborough
Who shields the crystal
In a sack from the East
Woven by a child who is missing,
Unacquainted with peace:


What are you gathering
From all this gold-panning?

Time is limited as are all earthly...

Designations, even limitations

By the life that measures,
And frames all observance

Recoils at scales
And their immensity

And, concludes nothing true
Just not dis-proven

Let's keep an open mind here
People, mercy.


The shades are getting darker
But they are lingering
In the between states
The middle ground of meanderings
The midway, the limbo strobe-light subways
In the empty dirty cup where you have
No interest and offer no protest

The shades are getting darker
Your people are persevering
In the wrong direction
The traditional, brutal bearings
Engineer genetic dissections
In the empty dirty cut where you have
No interest and offer no protest

The shades are getting darker
They will never close the case
Going cold, another unsolved murder
She's another big name face
Will they let the story rest?
Will we see the last of days?
A new interest, and now there's protest.


Genetic memory will strike you down
Or else help to sustain
The instructions within your veins
Or the strange twist of twain

Things come around again
Life is funny that way
In the end, whatever the origins,
What do they say...

Genetics are impersonal
Lawful, ordered, equal,
Correct, judicial,
And supposing the sequel...

Karmic imprints
Like genetic history
A word of truth is in it
Structured scenes, mystery.

Living through them,
With them, and within,
Inside of us, dependence
In living environments.